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    Zā Lä Thü is the latest incarnation of a continuing solo project by The Awakened One that dates back to 1995. Throughout the years the band name has changed from Muses of Chaos, DRALA, The Awakened One, The Inverted, Aethyria, Servants of Twilight and now Zā Lä Thü; pronounced ZAY-LAH-THEW.


    Katera joined the project in 2013 and now handles the majority of Vocals. She first added her vocals on and Into the Void Beyond the Sun or We Invoke, We Invoke and she can now be heard on our latest effort 77+ (7+7)/7 +77=156, uploaded on October 31st 2013.


    Tascam 24 track recorder Tascam 8 track recorder, Digitech GSP1101 guitar processor, Engl Ritchie Blackmore Amp, Carvin 7 and 6 string guitars, Ibanez Baritone, Roland Guitar Synth, Boss Dr-770 Drum Machine, Elektron Machinedrum, Dimarzio pickups, Sitar, Saz, Udu drums, Native flutes as well as other world music instruments and not to mention several more guitars.

    We would love to meet a drummer that would be interested in handling our percussion be it with hands and feet or via programming. We are located in south-eastern Alabama. However, we could also work from long distance due to the easy access to recording equipment and the Internet.


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