Zā Lä Thü is an occult based recording project that strives to influence reality through controlled thought-form projections into the outward manifestation of sonic resonance. All instrumentation is composed by The Awakened One and the incantations are spit forth by the Scarlet Woman known as Katera. It is very difficult to describe what style of music they play because they refuse to submit to the slavery of a given genre. Although the music is best described as Zā Lä Thü the band takes influences from many different styles of underground death metal all the way to avant-garde forms of world music.

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A Brief History of ZĀ LÄ THÜ

ZĀ LÄ THÜ is the latest incarnation of a continuing solo project by The Awakened One that dates back to 1995. Throughout the years the band and or project name has changed from Muses of Chaos, DRALA, The Awakened One, The Inverted, Aethyria, Servants of Twilight and now Zā Lä Thü; pronounced ZAY-LAH-THEW. There has always been numerous attempts to form a full band and there has also been a few guest vocalists over the years such as Caleb Maldonado, Louis Adams and a few backing vocals by Mark Weeks. There have been a total of 7 demos before changing the band name to ZĀ LÄ THÜ. When looking to examine the early music the first stop should be "Aethyria - Manifestations of 99-02" as it is the best example of the early material in a full length package.

Katera joined the project in 2013 and has handled the vocals since that time. She first added her vocals to the song We Invoke, We Invoke from "The Ritual of the Abyss" demo. Her vocals can be heard on the full length album titled ZĀ LÄ THÜ which contains the first 3 EP/Demos under the new moniker. To hear our latest material check out our latest EP/Demo titled "Psychotronic Generator" circa 2007/2008/2016